Vertical Dreams Art Exhibition

Collaborating with Ceekayello, EAST, Hong Kong is excited to showcase an enthralling art exhibition “Vertical Dreams” by Hong Kong local artist Desmond Lo. From 27 March to 30 April, follow Desmond on a visual journey in the hidden gems of Hong Kong streets.

Desmond Lo, son of Yip Wing Sze, the renowned female music conductor in Hong Kong, has been nurtured not only musically but artistically. Growing up in the high-rise buildings and inspired by “Blade Runner” and other cyberpunk works, Desmond wondered how Hong Kong will be like in the future.

A total of 27 pieces of artwork will be found along the staircase and at the entrance of our big bustling restaurant Feast located on the 1/F.

The exhibition includes two series of Desmond’s artwork: “Hidden Corners”, where guests can explore the streets and neon lights in Hong Kong through his eyes and hands; “Childhood Memories”, a projection of his childhood memories in a parallel dystopia.

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